About the Yeshiva

Talmudic University is a preeminent institution of Jewish education, widely recognized for its community-building and leadership-development. By engaging Jews in the study of Torah in a way which is meaningful and life-improving, Talmudic University serves as a nexus of Jewish learning and literacy from Miami to the Palm Beaches, as well as internationally.

Talmudic University is a community-based system of schools. It includes:

  • Yeshiva Elementary School: Pre-K through elementary school
  • Mechina High School: Junior and Senior High School for boys
  • Yeshiva Bais Moshe Chaim: a college-level school for men
  • Numerous additional adult and community education programs
  • Community resources such as the Kaddish Program, Yahrzeit Reminders, weekly INSIGHTS Torah fax and email, and countless others

At Talmudic University, our primary goal is to assure the continuity of transmission of Torah knowledge and values. The yeshiva’s approach has always been growth through learning. This is based on Rabbi Zweig’s philosophy that one who studies will inevitably be affected in a positive way and will grow both as a Jew and as a person. What makes the yeshiva unique is its approach to Torah study and its stress on the necessity of individual expression and sophisticated development of thought processes.

The benchmark and final measure of our success is determined by how many students remain in the field of Jewish education and community leadership. The hundreds of Talmudic University alumni who have taken on either educational or leadership roles – such as teachers, principals, administrators, and rabbinic positions – attest to the success that we have had in fulfilling our mission and purpose. We are particularly proud that many have settled in South Florida, and in recent years have become principles and educational leaders in many local institutions.

Those who pass through our doors evolve and grow, and thereby come to better realize their responsibilities to the Jewish people.