Rosh HaYeshiva Harav Yochanan Moshe Zweig

Over the past three decades, HaRav Yochanan Zweig has inspired thousands with his brilliant and thought-provoking lectures and shiurim. His keen analytical approach challenges talmidim and adult learners, giving them a greater understanding and love for Torah. While attending Ner Israel Rabbinical College from 1955-1969, Rabbi Zweig received rabbinical ordination – Yoreh Yoreh & Yadin Yadin – from Rabbi Yaacov Yitzchak Ruderman, z”l and Rabbi Yaacov Weinberg, z”l. Rabbi Zweig served as a Rosh HaYeshiva and Rosh Kollel in Beis HaTalmud in Jerusalem. In 1974, Rabbi Zweig moved to Miami Beach, Florida and opened the Talmudic University of Florida/Yeshiva v’Kollel Beis Moshe Chaim, Alfred and Sadye Swire College of Judaic Studies. What started as a Beis Medrash with ten students now thrives as one of the largest Yeshivas/Kollels in the Southeastern U.S. Rabbi Zweig is a much sought after lecturer and speaker. In recent years he has been a scholar-in-residence in over 50 national and international cities.

Rabbi Akiva Zweig Rosh Yeshiva


Rabbi Akiva Zweig, Rosh Yeshiva, rejoined the faculty in 2014 and gives Chaburas as well as teaching Mussar and other subjects to the students. One of the courses he currently give is the 7 Habits of Highly effective people. As a certified facilitator of the 7 habits Rabbi Zweig is able to mix the teachings of the 7 Habits with Torah teachings to help the students prepare for life. Rabbi Akiva also gives many classes weekly throughout South Florida and when the Rosh HaYeshiva is out of town will take over many of his classes. Rabbi Zweig graduated from Talmudic University with a Masters in Talmudic Law.

Rabbi Yehuda Zweig Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Yehuda Zweig learned at Talmudic University and Yeshiva Chevron (Jerusalem). After which, he spent six years teaching at Talmudic University where he offered weekly classes and taught Mechina High School talmidim as well as first year Yeshiva bochurim. He currently offers shiurim for mid level bochurim at Yeshiva University.
Reb Yehuda

Harav Yeshaya Greenberg Menahel Ruchani

Rabbi Yeshaya Greenberg, in his capacity as Mashgiach, provides spiritual and emotional guidance and support for the Yeshiva students. He delivers mussar dissertations on a weekly basis in addition to several other shiurim to various groups throughout the week. He is involved with other senior staff in both short and long term planning and day to day administration, and works closely with the Rosh Yeshiva to develop and enhance the relationship between the Mechina and the Yeshiva. Rabbi Greenberg was one of the original students to follow Rabbi Yochanan Zweig from Israel to open the Yeshiva in Miami, and has studied in various Yeshivas in the Unites States and abroad.

Rabbi Yakov Burstyn Mashgiach Ruchani

Rabbi Yaakov Burstyn. A Miami native who learned under the Rosh HaYeshiva Harav Yochanan Zweig Shlit’a. He also learned in Ner Yisrael Baltimore under Harav Yaakov Weinberg Zt’l and Harav Yaakov Kulefsky Zt’l. Sent by Harav Kulefsky Zt’l and with the advice of Harav Yochanan Zweig Shlit’a, Rabbi Burstyn joined Harav Eliezer Breitowitz Shlit’a in founding what is today Yeshivas Darchei Torah of Toronto. Rabbi Burstyn continued his studies at the Mir under Harav Nosson Tzvi Finkel Zt’l. He received Smicha from Harav Aharon Feldman Shlit’a and others, and worked as assistant to the Mashgiach in Ner Yeshiva Baltimore as well as received his Masters in Talmudic Law. In 2011 Rabbi Burstyn returned to Miami, to join the Yeshiva as a Maggid Shiur. After four successful years, Rabbi Burstyn was promoted to Mashgiach Ruchani.
He and his wife Devorah have seven beautiful daughters Bli ayin Hara.

Rabbi Burstyn

Rabbi Yaakov Wincelberg

Reb Yaakov runs the Yeshiva’s Bekius program. In recent years, he has raised second-seder to a significantly higher level of scholarship adding chaburos on the practical Halachic application of the studied mesechta and regularly scheduled chazara (review) weeks. Under his guidance, the bochurim in the Yeshiva have achieved greater retention, interest, and depth in their studies. In the late evenings, students are treated to R’ Yaakov’s mussar and hashkafah shiurim. Whether teaching Rambam, Alei Shur, or Sifsei Chaim, R’ Yaakov excites and inspires his talmidim with his clarity and breadth of knowledge. He is the translator of the recently published mussar sefer by Rebbeinu Avraham ben HaRambam, HaMaspik Le’Ovdei Hashem (available from and Rabbi Wincelberg grew up in Los Angeles, and attended Yeshiva Bais Moshe of Scranton, Mercaz HaTorah (Jerusalem), Yeshiva Gedolah (LA), and Ner Yisrael (Baltimore) before arriving in Miami.

Rabbi Moshe Beigelman

Rabbi Moshe Beigelman joined the faculty 2000. He received rabbinic ordination from Talmudic College and was a member of the Kollel for a number of years. Known for his original thoughts, he is at the center of many lively discussions in the Bais Medresh. He works daily with individuals, chevrusas and groups of all levels to clarify challenging questions and help the talmidim grow in learning, each at his own pace. Under his guidance, many of the bochurim have presented their own original chaburos.